Our association is committed to respecting the human rights of all, regardless of residence status and origin. We distance ourselves from any attempt to play off the neediness of individual groups of people against each other. Basic health care is at the core of the dignity of all people, with and without passports, with and without health insurance.
In this regard, our top priority is health prevention and medical treatment for all people based on scientific, fact-based consensus. With the successfully implemented vaccination campaign against SARS-CoV-2 for people who have no access to the German health care system, we set a sign against right-wing populist currents of the current time and actively supported the nationwide corona prevention.

According to Art. 35 of the UN Charter of Human Rights and Art. 35 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, all people have a fundamental right to medical care in the event of illness. However, there are groups of people in Germany who have so far enjoyed virtually no access to health services. These include, for example, people without papers and without legal residence status, people with German citizenship who have lost their health insurance or EU citizens who have insufficient or no insurance at all.

The Clearing House and Anonymous Treatment Ticket Leipzig e.V. (CABL e.V.) now offers the possibility for those affected to receive advice on the one hand and to make use of medical care at short notice on the other. The clearing house supports and advises on the way to a regular health care and mediates between addressees, health insurances and other cost units or authorities. Within the scope of the possibilities, medical treatments can be financially supported by the association by means of an Anonymous Treatment Certificate (ABS).

The CABL e.V. arose from an initiative of Medinetz Leipzig and is funded by the city of Leipzig since 2019.